Sparrow Martha



Thank you for visiting. I am delighted that you would share your time and a few moments with me. As fast as the world is spinning, and as few minutes every day that we have to share with others of our time and our own lives, I appreciate your taking the time to add me to your day and to share your day with me. Please come back often, and I hope the poems, and songs, and all that is here, will enrich your life, and will sometimes make you laugh, and maybe even cry, and most assuredly, may they make you my friend, and I yours.

One of the joys of my day is meeting friends out there in space that I would never have an opportunity in a million years to meet on earth. And I mean friends, in every sense of the word, friends, and what it means, and what friends can do to enrich our lives.

For friends care when no one cares.
And friends love when no one loves.
And friends forgive when no one forgives.
And friends are there when everyone else has gone away.
And friends are there when you cry.
And friends are there when you hurt.
And friends are there when you need money! Oops!!
And friends don't tell you what's good for you, because they know that they are what's good for you.
And friends are there when you are sick.
And friends are there even in that moment when roses are placed on the coffin . . .
So, thanks for sharing friendship, the most priceless thing and most valuable thing in the world.

Always prayerfully thinking of you, Martha



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