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The Sparrows Nest
Everybody Needs Somebody
I'll Make It Up To You
Is There Such A Thing?
I'll Not Forget You
I Never Knew
In Our Hands
Aren't We Going To Cry?
Aren't You Tired
Light The Candle
Me, Myself And I
Somebody Is Knockin
There's A Bend In The Road
When Are You Coming Lord?
Up In The Sky
Are You Being Gathered?
God Bless America
Fly, Angel Fly
My Finest Day
No! No! No!
Solomon's Love Song
Some Sweet Day
The Best Is Yet To Come
The Burning Sword
The Thunder Of His Hooves
The Green, Green Grass
There Will Always Be Mama
Are You Guilty?
Footprints On The Pages
Heavenly Winds
I Shall Stand
Flight To Freedom
The Wind On The Hill
I Didn't Do It
Martha's Praise
Times Have Changed

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