from the pastor's desk....Martha

Dear Brethren: Abide under the shadow of the great white dove...

Jesus said, Woe unto you who are not thirsty. Why do you suppose people do not thirst for the Spirit of GOD? for GOD Himself and to know Him?

When we do not get physically thirsty for water, or thirsty, there is something wrong with us. We are sick or about to be sick. When men are not spiritually thirsty, they are spiritually sick. They are full of something else. They are full of it, overflowing with it, and they are not spiritually thirsty because they are already full, full of something! They are sick!

Jesus said, Woe to those who are not thirsty. When we as believers are not thirsty, we too are filled with something else, something that is not good, something that is smothering our thirst. We need to beware of a dry spirit that thirsts not for spiritual things and to learn of GOD, for a dry spirit is neither hot nor cold, loving neither righteousness nor hating evil, but is lukewarm, and it is prime wolf bait, and satan pickin' time, for our love of Christ has grown cold, becoming lifeless, dull and boring, and lifeless means, losing life, or the loss of life.

Be contented, my brethren, but not bored. THIRST! Jesus said, I send upon you an unquenchable fire.

And so He does. Has it touched you? Or has your fire gone out, being put out by the world, and lusts, and love of pleasures and those things that must be discarded in order to obtain life, in order to gain eternal life?

Jesus says, He who drinks of His pure water shall never thirst again. He who drinks of righteousness, shall never again thirst for evil. A man's thirsting for righteousness shall be filled, but a man's thirst for evil cannot be satisfied, cannot be filled. For evil shall only cause a thirst for more evil. And if a man thirsts for righteousness, he cannot thirst also for evil. He cannot serve two masters. For he shall come to hate the one and love the other or come to despise the one and hate the other.

If you have received the baptism of fire from Jesus Christ, your thirsting for righteousness destroys all evil and the regeneration, restoration, rebirth, new birth, sanctification, and the transformation from the Adamic nature to the righteous nature of Christ continues and continues till all things become new, and the old man of sin is crucified and all of its sins not only forgiven but purged, and not only purged but cleansed, and not only cleansed but crucified and slain, and totally ceased, with not even a desire left anywhere in the soul, the spirit, the mind, the heart, to partake of sin, the flesh daily dying to its own lustful nature and daily living in the WORD and the SPIRIT where strength is found to resist all temptations that we sin not.

The whole of your salvation stands upon the rock of your love of righteousness and the thirsting for it. You cannot thirst for both evil and good, for righteousness and wickedness, for there can be only one master of your soul, either good or evil.

My brethren, today is the day to stir up our wells and return to our first love lest we in our carelessness lose our own souls through neglect.

Let's look at some of the thirsts in the scriptures. We know that Jesus thirsted for righteousness. We know that Judas did not thirst for righteousness, but instead thirsted for other things. We know that Adam and Eve thirsted for that which GOD said no to. We know that Saul thirsted for disobedience. We know that to thirst for sin shall destroy us and to thirst for righteousness shall save us. So then if we thirst for sin, we shall follow after that which we thirst after and shall perish in our sins.

Now Adam and Eve did not know the severity of the consequences of thirsting for the fruit that GOD said not to eat of. To thirst for righteousness, what does it mean, to thirst? When we are thirsty we get what we are thirsty for. Nothing else satisfies. We take it. We get it. We have to get it. So whatever we are thirsty for, we shall get it. Whether it be good or evil, we shall get it.

Thirst then, is an addiction. Thirsting is an addiction. It makes us have to have what we are thirsting for. Jesus says, a man who sins causes an addiction to happen to his flesh, that he is addicted to sin, a slave to sin. So then, if we are thirsty for righteousness, we become slaves to righteousness, literally thirsty slaves who will no longer thirst for evil but thirst only for righteousness. And Jesus said, he who hungers and thirsts after righteousness, shall be filled. And He says, that one is blessed.

So then, I suppose a man shall become just as righteous as his thirst is, or just as evil whichever the case may be, or even possibly a mixture of both, thirsting for a little righteousness for conscience sake, and a little evil for pleasure's sake.

And when a man is no longer thirsty for righteousness, but has gotten as much righteousness as he wants, should he not really get concerned? Should he not look to his own soul and see why he is no longer concerned about his soul? his sins? his thirsting for righteousness? Should he not wonder why he is bored? that he is not thirsty? A man can be contented in the things of this life for they are all but temporal, and shall pass away, but our souls, we must every day be attentive to our own salvation's, our own souls, our own sins, our own cleansing, and daily wash our feet from the filth's of this world.

Today is the day we lift our crosses. Today is the day we deny ourselves. Today we do what we ought to do. Today is the day to manifest our salvation's and the love of GOD and the righteousness of GOD in ourselves. For if we are not thirsting for righteousness, neither are we saving others. If we are not concerned with our own righteousness, our own souls, neither are we concerned with any one else's soul either.

If we thirst for righteousness we shall be filled with it every single day by the dying to evil and sin every single day. That is how our thirsting for righteousness is satisfied, every day satisfied. If we thirst for sin, we shall never be satisfied, but shall lust and lust and even in doing our lusts, want the more and the more and the more, and the lusts of sin shall slaughter our thirst for righteousness, till it is gone, all gone. Therefore we, when we are not thirsty for righteousness, need to find out why in a hurry!


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