From the pastor's desk....Martha
Abide under the shadow of the great white dove....
the WORD is TEARS!

In Revelation it says, GOD shall wipe away every tear. Jesus was angry when He was carrying his cross up toward Golgotha's hill of death and passed by the women and they were weeping for Him. He said, "Do not cry for Me. Go and cry for your own selves."

Now, we want all the tears and pity we can get. We cry to one another and cry to GOD. But for a moment, let's look at the emotion that stands behind every single tear.

When your little boy comes to you and with tears streaming down his face asks for a toy, do you buy him one? Why when he is asking you for a toy, should he be crying? Is he hurt? Is he in pain? No! He wants you to be moved to pity by his tears. He wants to persuade you that he really wants that toy so badly by is tears. He wants his tears to make you feel guilty to say no. He uses his tears as weapons to get his own way. If you say no, the tears will become angry tears and how they'll flow, and the child enters into a temper fit of anger crying, "I want the toy. You don't love me." Children cry to get what they want, when they want it, and if they do not get it will cry all the louder, all the longer, and all the harder.


Before and after, tears are anger! Tears are accusers. Tears are always weapons of gain. They want something.

Tears come beforehand to get what we want, and come after when we don't get what we want. Tears are anger before hand and after the fact. And tears can be from excruciating pain, physical pain, emotional pain, or heartfelt mourning. The source of tears and the why of tears are what we are talking about at this moment.

Are tears a show of weakness or strength? Our pulpits are full of crying tearful servants of GOD that are what did we say? ANGRY! Now what does their anger desire? What does their anger want? Why are they crying? When you continually see the Word of GOD ministered out of control, does it make you strong or make you weak? If a man has the Spirit of Christ, does he not not also have self control which is a fruit of the Spirit of Christ? If he has no self control, does he have Christ? Why is he so distraught that he is crying all the while ministering the glories of deliverance and freedom and a joyful Kingdom of GOD full of power and strength and victory?

Now, tears as all other things, have their perfect place....There is a time to weep. Weeping is mourning. Weeping is a showing of compassion to those who are already weeping. We are commanded to weep with those that weep, and joy with those that joy. And sometimes our own private tears wash away our own pains as we pray and think upon things.

If I know GOD at all, I know He is not moved by tears for tears' sake. He is moved only by the motive behind those tears. Tears from the eyes of a believer should only come when that believer is travailing in a garden of Gethsemane. Some of us have no such gardens, and have only gardens of lovely flowers that we do not see at all anyway. And some of us have many gardens of death. Now, the Bible says, Be angry and sin not. Anger does have a positive and good side. It ought to cause us to do something about a problem or situation. But tears say, You do something about this problem. Tears demand someone else to carry the burden and the pain.

Tears coming from a depth of mourning are divine tears indeed. But the petty tears that come from the Saul spirit, cry baby tears, self pity tears, have no place in a believer's eyes. Tears say, I shall be all the angrier at you unless you do something, GOD! Tears say, I hate. Tears say, I am angry. Tears are of this perishing world and are usually shed over the things of this world.

Tears puts the one who sees the tears flow on the defensive whether he has done anything or not, and tears accuse and condemn. The spoken word alone is enough for GOD. It is sufficient. You don't need to cry at Him. You don't need to yell at him. Cry all the louder, maybe He will hear? Foolishness! Cry all the harder and longer, He will hear? More foolishness!

In truth, Jesus told us to privately pray, quietly to him in secret, in our closets, and personally, quietly, just telling him our every prayer and pain. For He cares.

You can ask for anything and everything and be heard, for Jesus cares. You need no intercessor. In truth, no one else can ask for you. You have to ask the Father through Jesus Christ your own self. There is one mediator between you and GOD, and that is Christ Jesus.

Anyone else interceding for you is useless and is in truth, idolatry. Anyone praying and agreeing with you in prayer, is quite another thing all together. We ought to agree in prayer for one another, and ought to never forget to intercede in prayer one for the other, but the prayer must first begin with me, with you, the petitioner and then others can be added even into the thousands all praying for a petition. Your pastor, your friend, or anyone else, is not set on earth by GOD to be your intercessor, nor to bear your every carnal burden to the throne in your behalf. You must yourself go and ask, you yourself. You need no intercessor. You need to ask GOD and believe in Him alone, not in men to intercede for you as though GOD hears men impartially showing favour one over the other.

Men enslave you with pennies and dollars and prayers, giving prayers even for tithing. Be not a partaker of this sin of tithing for prayers. How can GOD hear a purchased prayer? The only prayer that is heard by the Father comes in the name of Jesus Christ. You personally can with boldness ask the Father for all things in His name. He gives rain to the wicked, and bread to the unholy, and you must tithe to gain bread? or a house? or land? or work? And the wailing and crying prophets accuse you and say you have none of these earthly necessities because you tithe not? And they tell you you did not tithe in faith so you did not get your return from heaven? They're not going to take the blame in this heavenly lottery they have set up for you to tithe and gain. If you want a big miracle, they say, tithe big.......

You need no tears to persuade GOD. You need only that name, Jesus. Why should you wait until you are in a travail of tears or a severe problem to go to GOD anyway? Some people love the spirit of tears. They worship the spirit of tears. The first thing they do is cry. They play on the weak ones with tears and make the weak, weaker still. Be strong in the LORD. Be no cry-baby nor follow after cry-babies! Walk tall and straight toward Golgotha and learn to say, "Weep for yourselves. Do not weep for me!" We are saved, eternally given life in Christ. How can any earthly tragedy compare to that glory that it should make us weep? That knowledge alone ought to dry every tear, and make every burden light. Being saved is having death done away with......Joy in that and wipe away your own tears.

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