from the Pastor's desk...Martha

Abide under the shadow of the great white dove...

Every worthwhile servant of Jesus Christ has drunk the cup of suffering, intense suffering, agonizing suffering for His name's sake.

These are they, not who have gathered multitudes into the Kingdom, but are as Christ, having but a remaining purified, sin free, flesh free, world free, few souls in their hands of ministry, having themselves come through the purifying work of righteousness from the lives and hands and mouths and persecutions that have come from the very ones they serve, have served, and shall serve till death.

Christ has called us into suffering, not prosperity, called us to self denial, not self pleasing, into cross bearing, not pleasure pursuits. Christ has called His believers not to be a part of this flesh seeking corrupted world, but to be lights and pathways through this darkness and evil, lit lamps of the truth, full of sobriety, not full of wise cracking jokes like popping corn, pop, pop, pop!

This is what Jesus says about foolishness.....Mark 7:21 For from within, out of the heart of man, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, 22 Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness: 23 All these evil things come from within, and defile the man.

You cannot turn on the television today without hearing the roaring laughter of the saints of GOD being entertained in the Houses of GOD, being taught by carnally minded men, full of the foolishness of this world that teach that godliness is gain, that tithing brings prosperity, when the scriptures say GOD giveth rain to the evil and good alike. These corrupted men full of greed and power, the kind of power that controls men's lives and minds, not the kind that sets them free, have to have frivolity and jesting as their sermon topic of the day, very craftily out of their mouths speaking also words of vanities and illusions and lies of peace and safety, the all is well syndrome.

They feed the hungry and thirsty just enough of the Word of GOD to deceive them, to cause them to dig deeply into their pockets so that they become as full of the world as their pockets can afford.

They bring the poor and destitute to the place in their love of GOD that if they tithe not they shall have nothing, no rain, no food, no shelter, no blessings, and instead, GOD's curses. They plant fear so deeply into the hearts and minds of believers, that when one ministry fails and is found corrupted, they find someone else to tithe to, anyone, out of fear they shall not have their daily bread from the LORD. They tithe out of fear. They give out of coercion. They sacrifice their own daily bread in fear of being abandoned by GOD if they do not.......and all the while those they tithe to have plenty to eat and drink, and live in palaces and houses of WEALTH, and rings and diamonds and pearls and costly attire is the name of the game of the prosperity they proclaim.

You all know how Jesus multiplied the loaves of bread and the fish to feed thousands and thousands. Jesus fed the bread of life as well as the bread of the Spirit. On another occasion, supposing that Jesus would again do a miracle to feed the multitudes, His Apostles said, Jesus they have no food. Jesus replied, Go buy for these out of the coffers of money you have and feed these hungry. Do not let them be hungry. Go and buy and feed them. Freely ye have received. Freely GIVE!

So the houses of GOD whereas ought to be feeding the hungry and clothing the naked, are taking what food they have and what clothing they have and making them more destitute promising them in Christ's name only lies, offering them a heavenly 'lottery of chance'. At least in the worldly lotteries you not only hear of the winners, but you know how many losers there are. In the Kingdom of GOD, you hear only of the winners, not of the thousands and thousands and thousands upon thousands who spend their lifetimes hoping in the 'heavenly' offered lottery of blessing.

Merchandisers of the Kingdom of GOD, unwilling to suffer for the name of Christ, unwilling to deny themselves for the name of Christ, unwilling to sacrifice themselves for the name of Christ, being in very high paying positions, sitting as kings upon the earth with coffers full of the coins of the poor, boast in their prosperities calling them blessings of GOD.

The more you give to these, the more they demand. The more they are given, the more they spend. Angels look like devils and devils look like angels. A tare looks like wheat and wheat looks like tares.

A true servant of GOD will call you into the suffering of self denial, the suffering of righteousness, the suffering of rejection, the suffering of self crucifixion, the suffering of loss, the suffering of mourning for sin, the suffering of bearing the gifts of the Spirit, the suffering of overthrowing satan's kingdom, the suffering of cross bearing, the suffering of being hated and despised, the suffering of unbearable persecutions for the truth and for righteousness' sake, the suffering of loving not the life unto death. Woe to the merchandisers of GOD's Kingdom, for their judgments slumber not!

We are not out passing out flowers. We are passing out crosses. We are not giving jewelry for tithes. We are giving out crosses. We are not out there passing out the books of men. We are passsing out crosses. We are not out there enslaving men. We are setting men free, FREE from sin, judgment and damnation, FREE! These things are wrought by the Spirit of GOD, not the flesh of men, nor can they be bought or purchased by any amount of golden coins. The Kingdom of GOD is free, and cannot be bought, nor purchased by the gold of a thousand galaxies. Do those that take your coins then take all the coins up to heaven and lay them on GOD's throne? Of course not! They do not collect tithes and offerings to give them to GOD, nor do they collect them to feed the poor and clothe the naked. They buy lands and houses, and costly array, and watches, and rings, and jewels, and all earthly things do they purchase for themselves and promise them to you also in your tithes and offerings, all in the name of Christ.

As written, They said Jesus had a devil. Jesus was an angel that to men looked like a devil. The pulpits today are full of devils that look like angels. My friends, when you are accused and called a devil and not praised by men, not applauded by men, not received by men, truly you have entered into the sufferings of Christ and when called a devil, know assuredly you are in the image of the angel of GOD, Christ Jesus. And when men scrape you off of their shoes as though they have stepped into some 'dirty' stuff that stinks, rejoice!

It is still the powers of darkness that tempt men and say, If you serve me and bow down to me, I will give you the world and all that it contains. Beware of the angels who offer you another gospel other than the gospel of the sufferings of Christ! Beware of those who offer you the world in exchange for your coins. Beware of those who offer you a gospel of the flesh in exchange for your soul. Beware of these, these wolves in sheep's clothing that hate the burdens of life and the crosses of righteousness and denial.

Many hours do the faithful spend in their gardens of Gethsemane, finally yielding to the will of the Father, and many times do they lay their heads down upon a pillow of tears and suffering, again committing their vow into the hands of the Father, knowing again and professing again this vow, "I have chosen to suffer for His name's sake", and that makes everything all right! For that vow keeps one attached to the vine of life! And that vine will take one all the way into eternity, still attached, still carrying one's cross, still fighting the good fight of faith, still keeping one's vows, and still through it all, standing on the front line of combat even if that is where one gives up the earthly life to gain the eternal. Only those who have learned to suffer for Christ, endure to the ending where they are crowned with a crown of life.

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