from the pastor's desk.....

Abide under the shadow of the great white dove.

The scriptures say, How can we escape if we neglect so great a salvation? our very salvation? How can we escape judgment, wrath, rebukes, chastisements, and possibly damnation even, if we who believe neglect to obey the WORD of GOD, and neglect to purify ourselves, and neglect to shed all sin, and neglect to overcome all sin, and neglect to love our brothers and sisters, and neglect to forgive all men all trespasses?

How can we escape the wrath of GOD on sin and sinners, if we ourselves remain in sin and remain sinners? We cannot! That is what the saying means, JESUS SAVES! Jesus saves us from our sins, now, today, yesterday, tomorrow, and forever! SAVED MEANS DELIVERED FROM! Saved means just what Jesus said it means, GO THY WAY AND SIN NO MORE!

We may neglect to pay a debt today, and then again next week, and next month, and suddenly there is an officer of the law at the door demanding payment or else. Or else what? prison? repossessions? court trials and disgrace before men? NEGLECT! The scriptures tell us, owe no man any debt.

The scriptures command us to pay our debts. For it is the truth, even friends shall part enemies if one will not pay back the debt owed to another. Nothing will sow strife like owing someone a debt and not caring to pay it or pay attention to its responsibilities.

And if we owe a man a debt, we will not associate with him from fear, and we will not abide around him but shall flee lest we be confronted concerning our debt, and we shall become angry as though the asking for payment for the debt is a sin the other is committing against us in the demanding that we repay that which was given unto us.

And........ we shall be mismanagers of those things GOD has given to us, and spend our money on something else and not pay the debts that that money was given to us to pay, but through covetousness and greed, we will apply the money to something else and still owe the debt and then angers flare! Resentments flare! Hatreds flare! Strife's increase and friends part.

Therefore, did Jesus say, If a man asks to borrow, give, and ask for it not back again.

And if a man requires of thee to go one mile, go two. For Jesus said, Live in peace one with another, and go that second mile, and forgive the debt, and seventy times seven even, FORGIVE! For GOD is a GOD of peace, not war! Now, it is man that makes GOD a man of WAR! Yes, the LORD comes in vengeance upon all His adversaries and against all the evildoers and against all who love ungodliness and that practice iniquity. But GOD is first, a GOD of peace, having sacrificed His own Son to reconcile the world unto Himself, by the death of His own dear Son, crucified by wicked men. So GOD first reached down unto men in Christ and through the sacrifice of Christ Jesus the Son of GOD, He who died for the sins of the whole world, has GOD made peace with all men. And if we neglect this great love shown to us and do respite and hatred toward it, neglecting to receive it with a returning also of love toward GOD who first loved us and gave His own dear Son for us, we can expect nothing from GOD but rejection and hearing Him say, I don't know you. Go your way.

It is not we who could or can make our way up to GOD, but GOD who made the way for us to be reconciled unto Him. Jesus is that ladder up to GOD we must climb. And if we neglect to reconcile ourselves unto Him by the way and path and truth He has provided, we shall cause our own damnation through the simplicity of, NEGLECT! If a man neglects his wife, she shall leave him. If a woman neglects her husband, he shall find another wife. If a father neglects his children, they shall despise him. If a mother forsakes the children of her womb, they shall return iniquity back upon her. Whatsoever we would have men do unto us, let us not neglect first to do those things unto them that we ought to do to show them the way of grace. For GOD in Christ came to us, and showed us the way to reach up to Him and be received by His forgiving love.

If a man neglects his field's harvest, weeds and the varmints of the wild shall come and destroy the crops. If a man neglects his machinery and equipment, rust and decay and wear and tear shall destroy them. If a man neglects to count his blessings, he shall fall into many snares of greed and lust and be overcome by the passions of his own flesh and the loves of this life and this world.

If a woman neglects her daughters, they shall grow up twice the rebellious women that run the streets, and the boys grow up as bank robbers and woman molesters.

For what love cradles in a mother's care no tongue can tell. What life is held in a mother's hands can GOD not even reveal. And what secrets of miracles of strength are hidden in a mother's sacrificial love toward her children, to provide clothing in winter, and food in summer, and love in pain, and care in sickness, and forgiveness in foolishness, and prayer all the time, and love all the time, and support all the time, and being there simply, all the time, like a rock in the sand, and like a tower of light in the darkness, and like a beacon in a storm, no tongue can tell! A mother has power in her hands to keep a soul unto life eternal or to form that soul into damnation! What power is in neglect? You see that wickedness at work in every household and every nation. Mothers, go home and take care of your children! Sad to say in this day and age.........


Now, our heavenly Father has not neglected the earth, nor failed to forgive men, nor failed to give them all things necessary for life and for immortality. Yet men die and men shall perish. Not because GOD has been neglectful, but because men neglect to do those things they must do to become saved, saved from sin, delivered from sin, and then transformed into righteousness, all because of this horror of horrors, NEGLECT!

If we neglect our righteousness and our obediences, we shall follow after the flesh and after the things of this life and the things we see with the eye and hear with the ear. And that broad path that leads to the temptations of the flesh that shall lead to certain sin, and damnation, and also judgment, we shall not escape from.

No one ever neglects to justify himself, or revile others, or think himself something great, or speak his mind, or do his pleasures, or think highly of himself, nor does any man ever neglect to judge his brother, or criticize all men, or judge everybody, or condemn others, and to call all men fools. But all will neglect to take care that they do not revile, and do not justify, and do not hate, and do not falsely condemn, and do not revenge when wronged.

Now GOD has not neglected to lay down in the earth the path of salvation through the death and atoning death of His own Son, Jesus. Yet we shall stand at the throne of GOD next to many and thousands upon thousands who we have neglected to tell about GOD's great salvation and forgiveness that is in Christ Jesus. What greater thing is there to share than this Jesus that heals sin? that forgives sin? that causes us to not suffer all those terrible consequences of sin? And to be given eternal life as well, what can compare to such a glory?

And so men shall perish and go the way of damnation, not because of GOD having neglected the earth, but because we neglect not only our own salvations, but all men's as well. The scriptures command us to work out our own salvations with fear and trembling.

With every thought let us purify our souls and our minds and our hearts, lest we forget our salvations and they through neglect escape from our hands like water that cannot be held with open fingers. What profit to pay attention to everything else and to gain the whole world, yet have neglected our own salvations?

You cannot offer the world to GOD for the forgiveness of even one small lie, or the stealing of even one crust of bread, for the world is GOD's anyway and all that it contains. Neglect not to save yourself. Forgive every one their trespasses against you and in that you shall attend to your salvation without neglect. You will know the saved by their fruits. The forgiven, forgive!


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