From the pastor's desk.....Martha
Abide under the shadow of the great white dove...

Following! What is following? Jesus is always saying, follow Me. Jesus is always saying, deny ourselves and follow Him. Jesus is always saying, lift up our cross every single day and follow Him. Jesus is always saying, except a man forfeit all and follow Me, He cannot be my disciple. Following......what a hidden and mysterious word.

If we are following after Jesus, He does not have to drag us along. If we are following after righteousness, it does not have to hunt us down and look for us We are looking for it. If we are following after the Word, it does not have to grind us into powder. If we are following after righteousness, evil does not discipline us nor do we have to be rebuked all the time by the Spirit, the spiritual authorities over us, nor are we always in misery over what is right or wrong!

Following means to hear, to listen, to observe, to watch, to be aware, to be awake, to understand, to follow after life and not death.

Jesus said, we cannot serve two masters. How miserable we are if we try to follow Christ and to follow after the world, or to follow Christ and to follow the flesh, or to follow Christ and any other human being, or to follow Christ and pursue anything else. Jesus will take second place to NONE!

How miserable we are if we try to obey the Word of GOD and disobey it at the same time, trying to find 'loopholes' in it so to speak, like Jesus said, trying to come in by some other door or window than obedience, making us a spiritual 'thief' and you know no thief shall inherit the Kingdom of GOD.

Following...exactly is, TO AGREE! To follow means to agree with GOD, and not only agree but to become one with! Now, to follow, and to agree, also means, we do not disagree We do not revile. We do not justify. We do not always try to make ourselves innocent. We do not always look for the good in ourselves. That is certainly folly and foolishness to look for good in ourselves. The scriptures do not condemn us. The scriptures reveal to us what is within us, within our natures, within our hearts, within our very souls. The scriptures are for the instructions of righteousness, and for them to instruct in righteousness, they also have to reveal what unrighteousness is. Our condemnations are chosen if we choose to ignore the scriptures revealing to us and teaching us what our birth natures are, rather loving the evil and the passions and the lusts of this world and flesh. We choose our eternal destiny of condemnation by rejecting the righteousness that is ours in Christ Jesus.

The Bible says, if we are righteous, it is because Christ is in us and He is the righteous one. So Jesus said when a man called Him good, There is no one good but GOD! So then, Jesus was giving all the glory to GOD His Father within Him. Jesus also said, No one had to tell Him what was within man! So then, Paul said, I have come to realize that nothing good dwells in me, that is in my flesh, for the good I should do, I do not, and the evil I should not do, that I do. What shall deliver me from this bondage of death? Paul answered the question for his own self by saying, only by following both the Word and the Holy Spirit will I be delivered from this bondage of death. The flesh pursues after its own program of death, being birthed by nature into bondage.

Following then, puts to death sin in us, and creates in us the righteousness of Christ, through the Spirit of GOD and the Word of GOD.

Jesus also said, If ye continue in my Word, if ye follow, ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Boy that's a big, big, BIG, IF! Only through following, a continued following, only through obedience, only through hearing with understanding both the Spirit and the Word of GOD, shall we become born again from evil to good, from hatred to love, from vengeance to forgiveness.

In Hebrews the scriptures say, Follow after peace, and after holiness, without the which none of us shall see the Lord. Here is that precious words again, follow. The Apostle Paul also said, follow after love. Follow after the gifts of the spirit of GOD.

Jesus over and over again, said, Follow Me. Follow Me. Follow Me. In order to follow Christ Jesus, He continually said what we must do in order to follow after Him. We have to deny our own desires, our own wills, our own wants, our own thoughts, our own understandings, our own everything, turning from the flesh, turning from the world, turning from all things to learn how to become molded into the image of the Lord Jesus Christ, putting following Him as the first thought in our minds with every thought, the first thought, the middle thought, the last thought, all the thoughts in between, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!

Of course we shall be hated. Of course we shall be abused, accused, rejected, despised, turned away from, pursued after, some of us slaughtered like innocent lambs. Nonetheless, the only way to be saved from judgment, damnation and death, is to FOLLOW!

All men follow. All men follow after something, many things, all things, all the time. But what do they follow after? Those that follow the narrow way, the truth, Christ Jesus and pursue after His righteousness, shall inherit eternal life and be cloaked also with immortality if they are living when the Lord Christ appears the second time. These shall die not but shall be changed, translated, given a sinless body. As it says in the scriptures, Those that see Him appear shall be without sin unto salvation. And as we see the day rapidly approaching, we need to warn all men, to keep our own selves spotless, to keep our mouths shut and listen, hear, learn, obey and FOLLOW!

We must follow, follow, follow and not be turned aside after any man, angel, other religion, pursuit, career, marriage, lands, houses, wealth's, powers, anything, nothing, crucifying the flesh and all of its sins that we might be worthy to stand before the Lord Jesus Christ when He appears. Glory unspeakable is Jesus in us!

The cry is being shouted from every housetop and every mountain, and even the dead are screaming, Behold the Bridegroom cometh. Are you ready? Are you following? What are you following? Who are you following? It is written, Seek ye first the Kingdom of GOD and the righteousness of Christ. FOLLOW! Be prepared! FOLLOW!


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