From the pastor's desk....Martha
Abide under the shadow of the great white dove....
the WORD is ENVY!

Thou shalt not covet, one of the ten commandments of Moses says, Do not wantanything that belongs to another. Do not be jealous of what someone else has. Do not envy him for it, for if you do, you will steal it from him, or even kill him to get it.

In James it says, Where do wars come from? They come from men and women wanting something and killing to get it.

Envying....jealousy....coveting.....It has killed many, including Jesus Christ!

ENVY...HOW EVIL ENVY IS! How evil envy is, wrapped up in a cloak of pride and in a cloak of rights, in a cloak of freedom. Envy is evil in a righteous appearing garment. How can any man filled with envy have freedom? have peace? He cannot!

So if a man desires to be free from sin, he must be willing to be made meek, to put upon the lonely cloak of becoming a sacrifice unto men for the sake of peace, for the sake of Jesus Christ and His message of freedom that His blood was shed for. In order for one to become meek, or humble, he or she must be willing to give and not receive in return, and to do good expecting nothing back.

Men go to war to fight for their rights to hate, and all hatred lives and draws its life from envy. War and bloodshed both have their roots planted deeply in the soil of jealousy and envy, men coveting what another man has or another people or another nation or country. One who covets says he has the right to all things, even at the cost of murder, war and bloodshed.

Anyone truly in Jesus Christ is born of peace, and from peace one can build love, and from love fruits all the destruction of sin within us, for love, love frees us from our own shackles of sin.

If we were to love our enemy, how could we hurt him? or slay him? or steal from him? We could not. In fact, we could not do anything except feed him, clothe him, and comfort his sufferings in any way we could. Love has no enemies! That is the power of love. LOVE HAS NO ENEMIES! And love gives, for it is true, GOD so loved that He gave! LOVE therefore gives, and ENVY takes!

In love does envy and jealousy and coveting all die. For love joys in the benefits and the blessings others receive. It is not envious or covetous of what others have. It is happy for them. Love rejoices with those who are blessed and weeps for those who suffer. Love travails with the suffering and takes not from he who has to give, just to give it to he who has not. Envy takes and takes and takes and is never, never satisfied. And when it takes all one man has, it finds another man with more and takes that also, and then another with more and takes that, even if he has to kill him to get it.

Envy is never at peace. Envy is always striving to gain the more and angry when others are blessed. Envy will murder one or two or ten or thousands or nations or peoples and even in the ending of it all, envy could explode this earth into so many pieces its dust will not even be able to be found or gathered together. That is the power of envy!

Envy wants all and everything and more, never being satisfied with what it has.

Through envy and coveting the fruit of disobedience, did the curse of sin and death fall upon all mankind in the garden of Eden. Had not Eve coveted the fruit, she would not have been jealous or angry because she was told no by God. Envy will not accept no. Jealousy despises no. Envy and covetousness shall possess its object of envy, no matter if it must slay to get it. Envy cloaks itself in an evil garment of loving someone, or something.

Envy, the world cannot suffer, for envy shall be its downfall and all of its corruptions lie in the well of envy that never ceases its flowing.

Envy slayed Adam and Eve and you and me as well. Envy nailed Christ to the cross of death. Beware of the leaven of envy, Jesus said. Beware of the leaven of the scribes and pharisees, Jesus said. Beware of the leaven of Herod, Jesus said. ENVY IS THE LEAVEN TO BEWARE OF! The scribes and Pharisees were going to step down and lift up Christ? They were going to vacate and allow Jesus to not only move in but be greater than they? HARDLY! LEAVEN, ENVY WAS THEIR GOD! LEAVEN, THE GOD OF MAMMON WAS THEIR GOD! And we all know that leaven leavens the whole, even but a little bit, leavening the whole lump.

And where is Israel today in this scope of beware of the leaven of envy? They are killing to get, and killing to gain, and killing to retain, and killing and killing and killing. And are they not and even overflowing with the insanity of coveting, and envying, and even to the mad disease of the mind that does nothing but hate and kill and sacrifice anything for its object of envy, shedding blood for nothing but dirt, soil, land, even to the slaughtering of their women and their children. Envy is an insanity without reason, a madness, a drunkenness, a mind filled with madness and a heart filled with hatred.

My Bible says in that day, in this day, FLEE ISRAEL! And when you flee, do not worry about taking anything, not even a coat, nor be foolish enough to go back and get one!

Envy, a fruit of hatred, will suffer no denial, none. How can we overcome envy? We must be contented in and with all things, with thanksgivings. Be contented with all things, with thanksgivings, being willing to have nothing, and others to have everything. That is victory! That is salvation! That is peace! That is being an over comer! That is being born of Christ Jesus! The Bible tells us to be contented with but food and raiment. Godliness with contentment is great gain. Apart from godliness, there can be no contentment, for ungodliness breeds and seeds and reseeds envy, and envy is a fruit of the root of hatred. And what profit for a man to gain the world and have ungodliness? What is his profit? Envy therefore is the coveting of ungodliness!

Now the Bible does tell us to covet and to envy, and what is it that the scriptures tell us to covet? It tells us to covet earnestly, hungrily, the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Covet spiritual gifts, it says, but rather that ye prophesy.

Now these gifts of the Holy Spirit of promise from God cannot be taken from men, nor by any force. They are gifts of God. They are gifts from the Holy Spirit. They are gifts we are to hunger and thirst for and covet with a hungering.

1st Cor. 12:31 But covet earnestly the best gifts. 14:39 Wherefore, brethren, covet to prophesy, and forbid not to speak with tongues.

God wants you to covet His spirit. God wants you to seek after his spirit with a coveting, and a hungering, and a thirsting, and a drive, and a literal pursuing with a deliberation to obtain, at all sacrifice to yourself, denying yourself, pursuing after the Spirit of God with all your might and all your strength, that you might obtain eternal life and not only eternal life, but immortality. Coveting means just that, all your might and all your strength.

In Luke it says, God is happy to give the Holy Spirit to all who ask Him for it. So ask the Father for Jesus. Ask for deliverance. Ask for salvation. Ask for righteousness. Ask for love. Ask for healing. Ask for eternal life. Ask for the gifts of His Spirit. You can find all of these gifts of His Holy Spirit listed in your Bible in 1st Cor. Chapter 12, and Jesus said, Ask, and ye shall receive. Jesus promises, ask, seek, knock, and everyone that does, shall receive. Covet God. Seek after God. Seek after He who shall shower you with all things good! Seek after Him with your whole heart and strength, and He shall not fail you and not only shall He not fail you, He shall Himself take up His abode in you. Nothing from God can be taken, or seized, or commanded to be given, or stolen, but must be given by the Father. It is the Father Himself who gives all things unto men.

The Father Himself must give Jesus to you, and Jesus cannot be stolen from heaven, nor taken by any force, nor be bought, nor be attained by any other way than by the Father giving you the gift of Christ. You will know whether you have the gift of Christ or not. If you have been given the gift of Christ, you have NO ENVY! And if you have been given the gift of Christ, you are born of PEACE! And if you have been given the gift of Christ, you are born of LOVE!


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