From the pastor's desk.......Martha
Abide under the shadow of the great white dove!

As I look around me at the world, it appears some get blessed, and some do not. It appears some in fact, get horrible tragedies in their lives, through no fault of their own. Blessing! How do we determine what blessing is?

For the sick say, LORD, bless me, heal me. And the poor say, LORD, bless me, supply my needs. And others through greed's say, LORD, give me wealth. Jesus said, Bless men. Do not curse men. Bless all people! Now, how can sinning against a man bless him? How can a man beating his wife bless her? How can a wife cheating on her husband bless him? How can a thief stealing, bless those he steals from? He is not blessing them. He is cursing them. So then, it is not GOD who curses men. It is men who curse men. Men have the power to bless or curse. Men have the power to love or hate. Men have the power to slay or be peaceful. Men have the power to give blessing or cursing.

In the beginning was not the earth blessed? Was not the earth and all of mankind blessed with all things, even eternal life? What happened to the earth that it lost its blessing, that all men die? Sin happened. Disobedience happened. Rebellion happened. Sin, disobedience, rebellion, hatred of GOD, all of these things HAPPENED AND ARE STILL HAPPENING
........ Hatred of GOD's Word happened and is still happening. Men's refusal to bless men and not curse them by sinning against them happened and is still happening. Sin brings with it curses, many curses.

So we see all through out the history of the world, good men and evil men, all subjected to both blessing and cursing. For there is a law at work in the earth, and that law is spiritual, saying, Bless men. Sin not against any. For the earth took upon another god, satan, and GOD subjected the earth therefore to both the tree of life and the tree of death, the tree of good and the tree of evil. So since the beginning ot time is this law in effect, to bless and not to curse, to this day. We are to choose life and not death, to choose good and not evil. GOD in the old testament told the Hebrew children, Obey therefore my voice, and I shall not put upon you any of those diseases that I put upon the heathen. So when Jesus came, there was confusion as to who sinned to cause the diseases that Jesus had come to heal the Jewish nation from. Sometimes someone through sin had brought upon a disease, and sometimes it was for the glory of GOD that someone was afflicted. These mysteries are GOD's alone.

Yet we see that those who sin inflict disease on themselves and others through transference of disease, such as aids, and we also see that the innocent are also afflicted by aids, through no sin of their own, and often times, there are those afflicted with disease and even death who have sinned not, but just by the transferring of blood and transfusions. So we see that diseases and sicknesses are not partial in the choosing of their victims.

A friend was sharing with me last week how her pastor had visited her after her diagnosis of Parkinson's disease, and he sat across from her, she sitting in her rocker full of pain and medications, and her pastor said, " ........., what sin have you committed that this has come upon you? What have you done? Repent so you might get healed of this thing." Job's comforters are still alive and well deeming they know everything and know nothing of human suffering, nor do they know the WORD of GOD or the Spirit. So this believing woman obeyed the scriptures and called for the elders of her church to pray for her and anoint her in the name of the LORD that she would be healed, and instead, her pastor cursed her! He did not bless her. This was years ago, and she still breaks down in tears to speak about it. Job called these elders worthless physicians, and so they are!

Today is the day of salvation. Today is the day to sin not against any man and curse him. Therefore, does the WORD say, do good unto all men. Do not curse men. Do good unto everyone!

GOD did not remove blessing from the earth, and yes, GOD all the more established blessing in His own Son, Jesus Christ. Blessing, honour, life, immortality, forgiveness, love, righteousness, all came back down in Jesus Christ and is given unto men. It is in Jesus Christ that all things therefore again become blessed of the Father.

However, there is still the god of this world to reckon with, the wicked powers of the air, satan, devils, wicked angels and the love of evil by men. What is to be done seeing as there is a reaping and a sowing going on in the earth, both evil and good being sowed, and both evil and good being reaped?

We see wicked men cursing righteous men, and we see GOD cursing wickedness and the righteous as well as the wicked being subjected to GOD's curses on wickedness and wicked men. There is a time coming that the righteous shall be blessed and only the wicked cursed, and a man shall be judged for his own iniquities. They shall be separated and judged, separately, as written! But until then.......floods claim the believer and the non-believer, and earthquakes swallow up the believer and the non-believer, and hurricanes come upon the believer and the non-believer, and murderings and rapings, molestings and beatings, dismemberments and atrocities, come upon the believer and the non-believer alike.

The real truth, the truth of blessing, is not in tithes and not in vows of money and not in vows made unto GOD to do better. The blessings of Christ come through one door, the door of repentance from sin. The blessings of Christ are opened upon us through that same door, the door of righteousness. There is no tithe to gain righteousness. There is no tithe to gain forgiveness. There is no tithe to gain blessing. All blessing, honour, glory and eternal life as well, is granted to those in Christ Jesus, freely given by GOD, the gift of GOD in Christ Jesus being GOD's blessing unto men.

The blessings in GOD are healing, deliverance, eternal life, immortality, and as the lilies of the fields, a promise that our needs in this present world shall be met by a heavenly Father who blesses His children with the substances of the earth, not because we do anything to attain to them, but because that Christ Jesus bought down from the heavenly Father, all earthly and heavenly blessings in His death on the cross, and all spiritual blessings by His resurrection from death, even granting us the blessing of eternal life in Christ by His life and by His death. FRIENDS, THAT IS BLESSING!

Now that the wicked bring the curses upon all mankind is evident also by their very presence in the earth. Not by the presence of the wicked in the earth, but by the presence of curses.

For where there is sin, how can there not also be curses and judgments? It says, Christ delivered us from the curse of the law and from the curses that are upon sin. Therefore, in righteousness is blessing, and in sin is cursing. So then, mankind receives both blessing and cursing now, because of both sin and righteousness being in the earth, both evil and good, both trees reaping both blessing and cursing. And these blessings and cursings are falling upon all of the world, without exception.

But upon the second coming of Christ Jesus, the evil shall be separated from the good, the wicked from the righteous, the unjust from the just, separated, and one saved and blessed and the other cursed and damned. Then shall blessing truly come and redemption truly be fulfilled. Then shall the blessings of GOD come once again in all their glory, power, truth, and the deliverance from evil curses shall be upon the earth and blessings from GOD the Father unto men once again fill the earth with singing, and joy, and healing, and glory.

However, before that glorious day, the wicked will be gathered into bundles, gathered together in agreement, and the righteous shall gather themselves into agreement, and both Kingdoms shall be manifested in the earth in one generation, visible, seen, the wicked gathered in bundles to be burned as written and the righteous gathered into the LORD's garner, as written. There are only two Kingdoms. Get it straight! Understand it! Prepare for it! You have your soul planted in one Kingdom or the other. There are only two, Christ's and satan's.

The final thing Jesus told us to watch for was the upheaval in the churches, the discords, the separations, the divisions, the dividings, the prophet against prophet and Kingdom against Kingdom generation, and so great would be that worldwide spiritual warfare, that it would spill over into the actual shedding of blood and war. This is the age when the world's inhabitants deem they can decide what and who GOD is to their own liking and to their own beliefs. We are now witnessing this great separation, this great spiritual warfare going on. And we have seen it on earth for decades and centuries, and now that warfare has moved on out into space. And out in space are gathering the believers together, and out there in space are gathering the non-believers together. And a great spiritual warfare is going on night and day out in space, for the City of GOD is forming, and her gates are not shut day nor night, and she are drawing into her safety the hurting, and the suffering, and the hungry, and the thirsty, and the hopeless, and the helpless, and the infirmed, and the maimed, and the halt, all streaming into her gates of mercy and forgiveness.

Till that time of our great deliverance and redemption, those that have that hope in themselves purify themselves, as written. They all the more purify themselves every day, and day by day by day, waiting upon the blessings of the LORD! For there remains a truth, there is a generation that shall not see death! There shall be a generation that shall not die. I don't know it because I believe it! I believe it because I know it! May the LORD's blessings be upon you and yours. And may He keep you safe in an unsafe world!


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