Martha Miranda Miller

Thanks, friends, for visiting the poems page. You will find some that will make you smile, and downright laugh even, and some will make you cry, and some will make you just feel good in your heart and soul.

Ah, and some may make you angry ... and if they make you angry enough, possibly some of the anger will work to solve some of the problems that are written about in a simple poem.

Sometimes anger is a good thing, although we do not see anger working much good in our America or even in the world today anywhere. We ought to be angry about abortion, and about school violence, and about all the smut and violence on television and in the movies, and especially angry about all the wrong things that are recorded calling themselves music and enlightenment under the banner of freedom and the first amendment. Boy, you could not put that one over on my Mom. I got my mouth washed out with soap many times, and can still taste the ivory bubbles. And when I was older and was strong in my teens, I got my mouth slapped for bad words or talking back. Nowadays, a parent is told, "I'm calling the law. Don't lay a hand on me or you'll be sorry."

And so, we now have in America a full blown generation of children that grew up under the banner of 'talk to them' ... My Mama went by the Bible verse that says 'Spare the rod and spoil the child' ... I was certainly NOT SPOILED.

In America, we have freedom of speech, but that freedom does not mean without responsibility. For words are as bullets, and words are as death itself, and words are as violent explosions of hatred, and words are as either life or death, and there is little ground in between those two factions.

So a WORD or speech is actually a deed. Wherever any one could ever imagine that words are harmless, or that words are not an action of the flesh, reaches far beyond my understanding of the matter at all. For words have, in themselves, the power of life or of death. And WORDS are deeds, for are not our mouths of the body? Of course!

And what is it, they say? 'A lie is heard around the world in two seconds and a truth is given a teaspoon to dig through a mountain! And bad news is heard like a gunshot, but good news, who wants to hear?' I guess that just about sums up the matter of words. They are good or bad, and will reseed and multiply ... Words are seeds we plant in ourselves and we better be planting good seeds in ourselves, and more importantly, in others!

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