By Martha Miranda Miller

By Martha Miranda 1998
Excerpts from Book Six of Nine Books in the collection.

I have ministered to many around the world by personal letters for decades, and in these letters are hidden tidbits of manna, and mixed in with the every day counseling and answering letters are hidden crumbs of wisdom, and hidden secrets of the scriptures, and hidden thoughts of the LORD as He ministers those things each believer needs to hear, words of comfort, and sometimes even rebukes, coming from the Spirit of Prophecy as the Holy Spirit answers troubled hearts and weary minds with a touch of the bread from heaven. The collections of books of FRUITS FROM THE TREE OF LIFE (9 Books) and the books of BITTER GREEN FIGS (8 Books) are all collections of short subjects that can be read as a daily manna from heaven that all believers might share in these comforts and treasures from the Holy Spirit, pearls from the Kingdom of Christ Jesus, precious fruits from the Tree of Life.

A tidbit.........Are you thinking of judging GOD? Judge not lest ye be judged is also in effect downward from the heavens as it is earthward toward men.


Fruit 255......On friends . . . . .

About your well-meaning friends, and your life. Yesterday I had a couple of men giving me an estimate on the back kitchen hood and venting and fire system, and one of the gentlemen got preaching to me, and eats here at the restaurant sometimes, and as he left he said, "You know Martha, There are only twenty four hours in a day and if you work all of those hours, there is no more time for life. You have no life!" Now, Jesus tells us when reviled not to revile back. And I am glad that His spirit of meekness clothed me and I was silent though offended. That is the main dispute that all have that leave the works and ministries of Christ. They, 'have no life'. And that is exactly right. Jesus had no life but sacrificed it, and we are called to do the same as He, having no life. There were a hundred or more scriptures I could have quoted the gentleman, but then, he was no gentleman but a wolf in sheep's clothing, or a goat, or a pig, or a hireling, and the scriptures also command me to not strive with such, and they also command me to walk as Jesus walked. Jesus had no life. He wanted no life but the Father's will. There comes a time in our own works and ministries that all things of the world and flesh fall one by one by one by the wayside and we pick up that daily cross every day of denying ourselves a 'life'. Only those who do the Father's will shall be saved, as Jesus Himself said. Did not Jesus say the way to life is narrow, hard, and few find it?

Now, to the church, out of the mouth of Christ Jesus, came these words. 'When you call a feast, call those who cannot give again unto you. Do not call your friends and your brethren together. Call the poor and the hungry and the needy. Give to the poor and you shall have treasures in heaven.' He did not say, 'Give it to the church,' or 'Give it to Me,' but give it to the poor and needy. It is GOD's people who are called to feed the poor.

I can only encourage you to stand true in Christ and to Christ, for those that demand of your life will accuse you and abuse you and accost you about this denial thing, this laying down of the life thing, and this righteousness that comes from the purity of sacrifice unto the works of Christ as well as the ministry of His Word, as well as the ministry of His spirit. And there are so few labourers. If there were more maybe there would be more time for rest, and fellowship, and to stop and smell the flowers along the pathway, and to visit loved ones, but time is no more, and there is no more time. Every night we crawl into bed and every morning crawl out of bed. We do not need the 'life' of the world to be sustained, nor do we need the 'life' of the fellowship of banqueting and the such to be sustained in Christ. Actually, surfeiting was one of the things Christ mentions over and over in the gospels as being a judgment of the believers in the end times, also, being concerned about the cares of the world, and this life. We can be so caught up in preparing our clothing and what we shall eat and drink in this life, we neglect to be prepared in our own 'white' garments of righteousness, works, praise and repentance.

Those that seek after life, have only torment from that life they seek after. People will continually demand you to return to church, churches, fellowships, and shall accuse you of all manners of wickednesses because you have separated yourself from the harlot church that commits all these abominations, bowing down to the god of mammon, taking care of business, as the saying goes, a church structure built on sand and not on the rock of Christ Jesus. They do not bring people out of the world, or out of the flesh, but actually put people into the bondage of these things, seven nights a week actually, serving not Christ, but a church sepulchre, and a worldy institution like any other business of the world.

Now, Hebrews commands us, of the which they will use on you time and time again, 'forsake not the assembling of yourselves together, as the manner of some is', even though those words were spoken when the church was forming and they had no other means to hear, read, or be taught the truth except by the assembling of themselves together. Yet, we have a more recent word than that from Revelation that says, Come ye out of her lest ye partake of her sins and her judgments and her plagues.

The scriptures command us to be busy in the works and the life of Christ on this earth. Banqueting is surfeiting of the which the harlot is polluted with. We who are unwed are commanded to not seek to be wed. We who own land as though not owning it at all, seeing as the world is passing away and we are but living every day as the last days of our lives. Are we to be caught in the cares of this life and the pursuits of it? We are commanded even in Timothy to not appoint ourselves commissions, and works, and appointments, and things of this nature that would hinder our ministries, saying, no soldier goes into the battlefield to do battle and adds unto himself other occupations and such, but tends to the battle.

There is a scripture in Revelation that says, 22:14 Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.

Now, the harlot church, seeing as they deem this 'city' and this 'heaven' to them to exist after a 'rapture', and after the 'tribulation' and after the 'wrath' of GOD on men, are not concerned with anything else except life, and living, and marriages, and children, and vocations, and lands and houses, for they are waiting to go up and out. The church is such a harlot to the works of Christ, even worse than Israel was when He came the first time.

You do not know the numbers of times, myself included, that I would have loved to have companionship and fellowship, and datings, and a house and a life and a piece of the world and a refuge in my own little house on a hill and come and go as I please. Flesh demands to have its life and every day must be crucified and denied that life that it wants to have. John says, Beware of idols. Idols are what?

An idol is anything, any thought, any person, any place, anything at all that we cannot live without. That is an idol. And when an idol is crushed, or taken away, or broken, or denied, we will hate the one responsibile for the loss of it.

Jesus said, Beware of the leaven of the scribes and pharisees, and that leavening is piety. Now, few know what actual piety is. It is exaltation, spiritual exaltation. It is witchcraft, and idolatry of the worst kind, the fellowship with devils. These are standing in public praying openly, making a spectable of themselves openly, calling it 'my testimony'. They are always flaunting a Bible under the arm, a Bible open on the bed, an open display of spirituality. Sin! A terrible sin is piety. One who is spiritually pious is also carnally proud and arrogant and demanding and loves 'self-importance' and cannot live without being every day praised, even if it is by one's own self, or secret things.

Jesus said, Let not your left hand know what your right hand is doing. He also said your spirituality is to be hidden, 'in a closet' so to speak, praying in secret, and worshipping GOD in secret. When we display ourselves before men in these, we are worshipping 'idols' of self exaltation and pride, and we are a stench to GOD and men alike. You will know a righteous man by his works, not his piety.

In your wearinesses, praise Him. In your angers, be thankful to Him. In your distresses, dance to Him. And in your times of stress, laugh at satan that you should so trouble his kingdom that he sends everything and everyone and anyone he can against you and yet cannot touch one hair on your head.


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