By Martha Miranda Miller

By Martha Miranda 1998
Excerpts from Book Six of Nine Books in the collection.

I have ministered to many around the world by personal letters for decades, and in these letters are hidden tidbits of manna, and mixed in with the every day counseling and answering letters are hidden crumbs of wisdom, and hidden secrets of the scriptures, and hidden thoughts of the LORD as He ministers those things each believer needs to hear, words of comfort, and sometimes even rebukes, coming from the Spirit of Prophecy as the Holy Spirit answers troubled hearts and weary minds with a touch of the bread from heaven. The collections of books of FRUITS FROM THE TREE OF LIFE (9 Books) and the books of BITTER GREEN FIGS (8 Books) are all collections of short subjects that can be read as a daily manna from heaven that all believers might share in these comforts and treasures from the Holy Spirit, pearls from the Kingdom of Christ Jesus, precious fruits from the Tree of Life.


Fruit 257 On anger. . . . You cannot cleanse what you do not see to cleanse, and neither can you or will you cleanse what you can hide as well as hide from. For Jesus said, first we must cleanse the insides of our selves before the outside wil be clean. Now is the hour when Christ is doing a quick work of righteousness in the earth, and it is painful, horribly painful, and continually painful, and almost even unbearable at times. Self-righteousness is wounded and pained and angry all the day long.

You must not confuse unjustifiable anger with justifiable anger, for being set on fire by the living Word and Spirit is that fire of wrath and judgment against iniquity, and in this process is found angers that burn from the inside out and the outside in, at ourselves, others, GOD even, and the truth even. We must discern anger very carefully, being admonished by the scripture that tells us to Be angry and sin not, and another scripture that says, The anger of the flesh cannot work righteousness. We try to avoid anger, it being the most painful attribute of the body, the soul, the spirit, the heart and the mind as well. And anger will explode in all of these areas at one time, shooting off wildly in every direction. All sin without exception, is rooted in anger.

We must speak the truth to one another, in love, not lovingly sometimes as those who say we are filled with hatred when we do not speak lovingly, but with love and because of love. The scriptures do not say, speak the truth lovingly, but with love. In other words, only love will speak the truth. Hatred will be deceitful about everythng, especially, about the truth. Learning to speak the truth in all things and all the time and in every situation brings fires of anger all the time from every source. It brings violence. Anger is something we all have to deal with, first with ourselves and then with others. If we know we are going to anger someone, we remain silent. We cannot for we must speak the truth. So we begin to always deal with anger there first, in the truth, loving the truth, and seeking after the truth with every single thought, and every work, and every word, and every deed. Truth cannot remain silent no matter what it strikes or who it smites.

Eve did not deal very well with her anger. She lost her quarrel with satan, did she not? Anger always sorrows those who are shamed by it, and they are shamed always by it whether they are right or wrong. We always feel that nakedness of shame when we get angry. Whether we are right or not people always look down on anger and accuse the one angry even if it is justifiable, and they always accuse the one angry of being in sin. In that case, GOD is a first class sinner, for in this hour GOD's anger has stored up in it wrath on wrath on wrath.

What is the spirit of suicide but anger? One who commits suicide is making a point to the living, saying, I hate you, and to GOD saying, I hate you, and those who commit suicide are striking back because they are hurting. Suicide is simply the flip side of the coin of murdering someone else, so if there is a choice, it is better to slay one's self than murder others, and yet we find those that slay others often do slay their own selves as well, rather than face the consequences of what they have done. Suicide is an act of revenge as well as murder being an act of revenge. They are both a get even action of anger that has blown itself into hatred and vengeance.

How dare men blame GOD for sin. How dare men blame GOD for those things that they do and that are done to them. Adam blamed GOD also, and said, 'It was this woman who did this, that woman you gave to me. It is her fault. It is your fault, GOD for giving her to me.' And Eve said, 'satan deceived me, GOD. It's his fault.' Disobedience is always angry and filled with accusations and blame.

Why do you keep worrying about the damage of the truth? The truth saves one and the same truth damns another. That is the way it is. Speak the truth and then be at peace. You must stop being like a swinging chandelier that blows every which way with the smallest breeze, worrying about angering those who hear the truth. Care only about pleasing GOD, not man. Learn to speak the truth without shame, and with confidence, and with boldness. Stop worrying about what kind of soil you are throwing the seeds of the Word into. Just do it. Just sow the seed. you are not responsible for the soil. You are responsible to sow the seed everywhere and on the rocky places and by the wayside and in the fields and at all times and in all places.

Men will love you or hate you for it, and you must simply accept that, for that is the way it is. You must not be concerned with trying to get people to like you or receive you. The truth itself is the only thing that saves and it is the only valid damnation. It either saves or damns. The righteous win no popularity contests.

Do not let anything or anyone hinder the works Christ has called you to do and the ministries He is preparing in you and for you and by you and through you, for He will come for His harvest, and the fruits of your labours. Be loyal to Christ. In doing so, you will offend many, often. You will anger them and be angered. Learn to deal with it.


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