Martha Miranda 1991

Where in the world are we now?
For there is a story to tell
Where in the world are we now?
Drinking from a dried out well

The water does not quench
Nor dry up our thirst
The well does not flow
Pure water anymore

Where in the world is the LORD?
Our lamps are all gone out
We heard His cry in the midnight hour
Where in the world is He now?

There is a story to hear
There is a tale to be told
There is a woman and her seed
And there is a woman to sow

A river of life in the earth
And leaves of a tree for healing
And fruits abundant and free
Pure water ever flowing

And they shall try to kill her
And they shall slay some seeds
And they shall tear from her very roots
Many of her life bearing branches

Her enemies shall flow like water
Into the graves of the earth
As it opens up its mouth
To receive the angry flood

For in her is found the manna
In her is found the truth
In her is found the Kingdom
In her is found a name

Now the world shall despise her appearing
The church being clothed as a dragon
When the church falls right out of heaven
All of the earth shall mourn

When the dragon is cast into the earth
All of the people shall wail
For no one buys of her wares anymore
Nor the buying and selling of souls

And great shall be the fall of the whore
The harlot church so decked with jewels
And great shall be her gnashing of teeth
Against the Mighty Ones

Walking with the Lamb in the power
Of the glorious City of GOD
Sitting on the earth as a mighty throne
With jewels all around her crown

Standing in the power of lightning
Bearing in her voice the thunder
Of every people and of every nation
Yielding the WORD with power

Where in the world are we now?
We are standing on the brink of the river
Held captive by the ending of the WORD
And the filling up of all its pages

Come to the river that flows freely
Out of the City of GOD
And freely eat of the Tree of Life
For you have earned that right

The City stands high over every nation
Birthing a new heavens and earth
Wherein dwells the righteousness of GOD
And the glory of His power, NO MORE DEATH!

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