Martha Miranda 1987

What you sow you shall reap
I have heard it said
Yet all I see are serpent's tongues
Sleeping in the beds

Doing things of vile repute
Making Angels die
Sending souls down to the pit
Formed by so many lies

You shall not die they all do say
Do your pleasure while you may
Everyone says it's all okay
Sleeping in the beds

Have your pleasure
It's your right
Who is there to judge?
What you do
And do it with
Or when or where or why?

Sleeping in the beds
Recovering from the night
Lie all the sleeping serpents
Till the morning light

Sleeping in the beds
Spits and spots appear
Wash it out, it will not stain
And do it all again

Sleeping in the beds
Devil's waiting there
For the darkness to come down
And spit and spot again

What have you heard
We shall escape the rising of the dead?
What have you heard
We shall not die a second time again?
What have you heard
You need to know the truth from a lie
What have you heard
What will happen when you die?

Sleeping serpents in the bed
Waiting till the night
Where they claim the virgin's death
And in the morning light
A cry rings forth
What have you heard
You have got to know
What have you done
Are you okay
From the serpent's blow?

What you have sown
You now shall reap
Your test has surely said
The tongue of death has touched you there
In the serpent's bed

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