(Who Pays The Price?)
Martha Miranda 2001

Stem cell research
What does that mean?
A sperm and an egg
Join and conceive a life
And it is not living but dead?

No! No! No! It is living
It is not dead but alive
And they say they will create
Stems just for experiments
So they can find the mysteries of life

I am an embryo that hung in there
All you who read my words the same
They did not take my stem
They did not take yours either
I thank my parents for that

Where are we now
Buying life to cheat death?
To buy a life we take one or thousands
So where are we now
In the specter of things?
Down in the ditch with the slimy worms

We are a lot further down
In the ditch my friends
Then the worms who feed on the slime
Much further down, and way, way down
In an inferno of screaming demons

To destroy a life to save a life
And that is even a perhaps
A sperm and an egg create the divine
What are we going to do with that?

Cloning, stem cells, abortions and crap
One day will hit a hurricane fan
Not one at a time but all at one time
What are we going to do with that?

I don't think we'll hear 'Forgive them,
For they know not what they do'
And I don't think we'll hear 'Well done,
Thou good and faithful servant'

I shudder to think what some will hear
When they fill their shoes at the throne
Waiting for them
Only for them
On that fateful and dreaded day

Now they're in church every Sunday
And they never fail to tithe
They feed the hungry
They clothe the naked
They pray for the peace of the world

They pay all their debts
They love their neighbours
They forgive their enemies
Down on their knees
They thank the LORD
For all of their daily needs

When the book of life
Is opened for them
What shall be written down there
Opponent of stem cell research
Or an advocate of slaying the child?

For in the beginning
Right in the beginning
We were created in the image of GOD
So now when we flush
All the dust down the drain
He simply gathers it in His arms

For these are living souls
And these are living Spirits
Created in the image of GOD
Both male and female
Created He them
And He called them both, one Adam

And these have eyes
And these have ears
And these have beating hearts so clear
And these have arms
And these have legs
Only waiting to appear

Now tell me again, if you will
What is this stem cell stuff
For a woman spreads her legs
To give up her eggs
Or to be given a child

And how does a man
Deposit his sperm
In a bank to be frozen in time
To be joined to an egg
Just to harvest the stem
And flush the rest down the drain

This child knows not his mother
This child knows not his father
And the mother nor the father
Knows this child
And the mother nor the father
Even know one another
Let alone know they have conceived a child

But there is a record written down
In GOD's eternal book of life
The DNA of the sperm and the egg
First written is the one
And then written is the other
And yet another's written down from the two

Three DNA's are there now
Recorded in a book
What shall be done
With those records of shame
That fill heaven's banks with such staggering truths
They're waiting there, just waiting there
Next to a pair of shoes

Now a woman thinks she has the right
To tear from her own womb
That very precious third DNA
She claims as her own body

So now we need to talk about
The sperm and the egg
That whether they're in a bottle
Or stored upon a shelf
Or whether they're in a freezer
Or stored in someone's womb
Or whether they're in an ash try
When joined once together
A new DNA declares
A child has been conceived

And once conceived
It now becomes
One of heaven's treasures
So tell me now
Who pays the price
Of this thing they call stem research

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