@ Martha Miranda 2001

All my life I have heard beautiful songs about Oklahoma
And all my life I have realized what a beautiful state it is
And all my life I have thought about seeing it for myself
But I never in a million years thought I would see what I saw

Today was a final day of reckoning for one
And so many have forgotten all the sorrow
That came to so many and stunned the whole world
By the hatred one man had for our nation

For the hundreds of thousands who have died for her flag
And the hundreds of thousands who have died for her name
And for the hundreds of thousands who her freedom proclaim
The hatred of one man for her carries a shame

And we witnessed those who declare it is wrong
To take the life of one that is now gone
And gone where, is not a question to ponder
Because one such one before was a son of perdition

More holy was Judas than this snake slithering from life
Proclaiming himself a war hero and his bomb a war game
And the sorrow of it all is that he is not at all dead
His hatred shall roll on and on till the ending of time

For from Cain to Judas to Manson and Tim
Echoes the sorrows of the innocent who fall
They being so broken their bones are not found
Only the smell of blood rising up from the ground
And what of the children, and the loss of so many
He could have dropped the building in the night
When it was near empty or nearly so perhaps
If all he wanted to do was make a point

But he wanted to slay and he wanted to kill
And he wanted vengeance a thousand times over
And when he was what they say, a hero in the Gulf
Was he not then judging us for being there at all?

Was not his sympathy then for America's enemies
Where the wickedness of hatred consumed his soul
And brought him back to the land bought by the blood of its own
On the battlefields for freedom around the world

Did not his treachery weave a spider's web unseen
By the innocent who entered their tombs
Laughing and talking about what's for dinner?
Never suspecting a thing

And what about us? you and me and our children
Every day we walk America's streets
Never suspecting the spiders in men
Watch and wait to devour and consume us

Now to speak of Judas, he certainly knew
He had shed innocent blood
And he could not contain his crushing grief
So he went out and hung himself

But the Hitlers, and the Mansons, and the Timothy McVeigh's
Deem they are holy crusaders
Righting the wrongs that others may have done
But instead become poisonous spiders

Spiders that hide in the darkness
Spiders that crawl everywhere
Into your houses, into your closets
Always building their snares

In secret and in darkness
Do they spin and spin their webs
And the light never, never comes on
Until we are burying our dead

The fallen heroes that came down
On a silent April morning
Will eternally proclaim
We are Americans, America's glory

Here we are all you spiders
We shall rise again
To stand and say with all our strength
We are risen, we are not dead

You cannot kill immortality
You cannot kill those covered
By a cross and by the red, white and blue
What a mistake you make to think so

There is a great gulf between the cool water and the fire
And one cannot cross over to gain or retrieve
One cool drop of water to cool a burning tongue
But he can see them, Timothy, you can see them

There in the cool, cool water
There in the bosom of Abraham
Live all the lovely little angels
Underneath GOD's huge umbrella

And in their crowns sit special blue diamonds
Given for valour and courage
And in their crowns sit special green emeralds
Because they were sacrifices for freedom

Some heads are so little a crown slips down
And little hands reach to secure its place
Forever to retain, and forever to wear
A crown given only to heaven's finest

From the north to the south
From the east to the west
We salute you dear ones of Oklahoma
We honour you
We love you
We bless you
We thank you
And one day, one great day,
We shall all embrace you

Some day, some sweet day,
There'll be no one in the graves to cry over

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