Martha Miranda 1993

When my heart is fearful and I have no peace
Of course, there is always MAMA
When my mind is angry at all the evils I see
Of course, there is always MAMA

When I want to run and hide away
When I want to say I can't make it one more day
When I cry and cry and find no ease
Of course, there is always MAMA

Her love has carried me when I needed to be carried
Her care has always cared when I was all alone
Her strength has always strengthened when I was O so weak
And her faith has always held when my own failed me

If I could be but a hair on her lovely white head
She would carry me to heaven at my life's earthly end
And if the LORD will see fit in eternity
I pray He lets me just wash her feet with my tears

For she carried my pain when I could not stand
And she carried my tears when in darkness I cried
She knew my sorrows before a word could be said
She's an Angel in flesh to see me through this world

She gave me everything, yet I give her nothing
She gives me forgiving love, when my hands are empty still
She gave me to Christ when I came from her womb
I'm a star in her crown, yet a thorn in her side

For when I came of age, I left her in anger
And went on my own for a time
Then when I came to my immature senses
I laid my head on her lap and I cried

I said, Mama, I am so, so sorry
For all the trouble I've been
And now because I have turned to the LORD
I know He's calling me to give

My life to Him in the mission fields
Of America and then to the world
And I will not always be able
To take care of you and I should have

Done more when I was given the time and able
For now I must go and follow Him
Wherever He leads me I shall follow
And place my hope in His heavenly Kingdom

And over the decades others took care
Of my Mama and her earthly needs
While I still remained a thorn in her side
All the while becoming her crown

I broke her heart so very many times
Never intending to do so
For when she gave me to Christ from the womb
One day that vow was required

I tell you true no greater love
Could there ever be for a daughter
I carry it everywhere and it carries me
Through the dark and murky waters

And my works and deeds for the LORD so dear
Are really stored up for her
Because they are hers and not really mine
For the price she paid was greater

Of course, there is always, Mama
Forever, there will always be, MAMA

(Mama went to be with the LORD, Oct. 22, 1996, 6:30 p.m.)

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