Martha Miranda 1994

Ring . . . . .
Good Morning! Heaven's main gate!
Let me talk to GOD
Who's calling, please?
Is GOD there? Let me talk to Him
May I ask who's calling, please?
Is GOD there or isn't He?
You've called heaven's main gate. Identify yourself, please.
My name is Henry Stone.
One moment please. I'm sorry, Sir!
We have no Henry Stone listed in our directory.

I'm in your book, brother! Look again.
One moment please. Mr. Stone, the only Stone I can find in our closed out directory is a Henry Stone, from Toledo, Ohio.
Is that you?
That's me! That's me! Now let me talk to GOD!

I'm sorry Mr. Stone. The Angels blotted out your name in 1984.
There are Angelic cancellations also listed for the years of 1943, 57, 78, 79,82, and 1983.
They were sent on a final mission to a Mr. Henry Stone of Toledo, Ohio, calling him into the Kingdom of God, in 1984, and he had refused, saying he had just gotten married, and was too young, and could not come at that time.
Am I speaking to that same Mr. Henry Stone? Or have we erred?
That's me! But I told them I would be along sometime.
What do you mean they blotted out my name?
They can't do that. Let me talk to GOD!

I'm sorry Sir. I cannot let you do that,
for your name is not listed in the book of remembrance.
Where are them Angels? Let me talk to them.
They'll straighten it all out.
I'm sorry, Mr. Stone.
I am sorry for you, but I can do nothing.
You have to be written in the Lamb's Book of Life to have entrance to speak to the Father.

Who are you? What's your name? What have you to do with it anyway?
Let me speak to Him now. Let me speak to God, and now!
I am sorry, Mr. Stone, but you cannot speak to my Father.
I am the gate. I am the main gate. I am the only gate.
You must pass by Me, and you cannot.
I called you and called you, and called you and called you, and your final call was in 1984.
You rejected Me then.
I now reject you.
My Father also rejects you.

I command you! Let me speak to GOD!
I cannot do that. I cannot.
You had opportunities to believe and you did not.
You had opportunities to serve and you would not.
You had opportunities to follow and you hated it.
You had opportunities and you, yourself, blotted your own name out of the Book of Life even as it was being written in.
I sent the Angels to call you.
Then you sent them away, again, and again, and again
. . . . . . and you hardened your own heart wanting nothing to do with Me.

As I recall, you divorced that wife and divorced yet another, and now you have no wife, neither do you support your children.
They are hungry.
They are unclothed.
They are lost and wandering.
Now you have many lovers, and some are not even women.
You have lied on your taxes. You have stolen from your employer.
You have cursed your friends.
You have parted life-long companions.
You have squandered all your fortune.
You have diseases now unto death.
I could have changed all that.
I could have changed your life.
I could have changed your death.
But tell Me, Mr. Stone. What is it I can now do for you?

You can let me talk to GOD!
I cannot do that, Mr. Stone.
Mr. Stone!
Do you not realize that you are now dead and have no more opportunity?
That now is the judgment?
Your father is there waiting now to take your hand.
You are his child.
He heard your call and has come now for you.

If you had just loved somebody.
If you had just forgiven somebody.
If you had just clothed somebody.
If you had just fed somebody.
If you had just cared for somebody.
If you had just provided for your Mother.
If you had just not despised your Father.
If you had just cared a little about someone other than yourself.
If you had just done a little something, perhaps I, myself,
could intercede for you with my Father.
But because you did nothing, nothing can now be done for you!

I am sorry, so, so sorry! Goodbye, Mr. Stone!
Heaven's main gate disconnecting.

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