Martha Miranda 1979

Get up, Mama said
You're not hurt
Get up and try again
You've got to try
You've got to get up
Get up, Mama said
Get up, Martha
Get up!

Now my ankle was broken
My blood in the street
And Mama said, Get up
I couldn't get up
But I had to get up
Cause Mama said,
Martha, Get up

In the Bible we see
Jesus said
Pick up your bed
And walk
So the man believed,
Picked up his bed,
And the man began to walk

Now if we can believe
The words of faith
If we can believe
The words of love
If we can obey
The words of faith
If we can obey
The words of love
There's nothing we cannot do
If we just get up
Get up, get up!
If we just get up
We'll walk

Or we can just sit down
And say we believe
And sit there
Till our bones start to rot
And we can say
Mom you're a liar
And we can say,
Jesus you've no power
And we can do nothing
But blame and complain
And sit there and die
Cause we just won't get up

Now next to Jesus
No greater one
Ever made me today
What I am
I owe it all to Jesus
And owe the rest to Mama
And they both agree to me,
Martha, Get up!

Someday when we're sliding
Down the milky way
And Mama falls down there
Then I'll get to say
Mama, Get up
Get up, Mama
You're not hurt
Mama, get up

For such a Mama Jesus gave me
No tongue could ever tell
She whipped the sin
Right out of me
So I wouldn't go to hell
So Mama made me get up
When I didn't think I could
Jesus picked up
Where Mama left off
He always says it too
Get up Martha,
You're not hurt
You will make it through
Get up, Martha
I'm not hurt
We will make it through
Get up!

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