Martha Miranda 2001

Friends are closer than a brother
And more loyal than a mother
Friends are those who choose to die
Rather than be disloyal

Friends are those who really care
When all the world's against you
And friends are those who don't care at all
About anything that you do

Their love is unconditional
Their caring never ends
They will always, always be there
And their love sticks just like glue

You cannot rub or wash it off
You cannot outrun it with a Caddy
You cannot duplicate it yourself
No matter how very hard you try

For the more you do for friends
The more they do the more
And the more you give to them
The more comes back to you

Now you know that there are a lot of those
That when the weather's fair
They are right with you every single step
Until the storms appear

You will know a true friend when
You lose all your money
And you will know a true friend if
You get sick in your bed

You most of all will know a true friend
When the whole world's throwing stones
For a friend is like your very skin
A shelter, a covering to protect you

In fair and stormy weather
A friend is so very all together
There to sink or swim with you
Let me ask you some questions

Are you a life preserver
Or are you a stone
Do you feel another's pain
Or only feel your own

Do you rise each day to see
Who needs pulled out of a ditch
Or do you kiss a friend on one cheek
And give the other one a smack

Friends are heavenly gifts given to us
From whom we draw our strength
Not to abuse. Not to accuse
And not to empty out their pockets

Friends are there to cry with us
And friends are there to laugh with us
And friends are there to go the miles
Until there are no more miles to go

What can we say about a friend
That has not been said before
I know. There is a sure one thing to say
They teach us how to love

And then I am reminded
Of words from my childhood years
What a friend we have in Jesus
All our earthly pain He bears

What a privilege it is to carry
Everything to Him in prayer
So that is what a friend is
The love of GOD in human form

Just as you were
He is your friend
Just as you are
He is your friend
Just as you shall be
He is your friend
No qualifications to fill

Just as you were
He's there for you
Just as you are
He's there for you
Just as you shall be
He's there for you
No qualifications to fill

He doesn't come to quarrel
He doesn't come to fight
He doesn't come to strive
He only comes to help
He only comes to cry with you
He only comes to laugh with you
He only comes to be your friend
No qualifications to fill

Black or red or yellow or white
He's there for you, He's there
No greater love can ever be found
Than in this ONE who gave His life

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