Dear Martha:

I cannot understand if there is a God up there why he allows all this war and hate and bloodshed to keep happening? I am terrified to die and if I were not I would slit my own throat just to get out of this world.

Can hell be any worse than this? Why does God allow all of this death and horrors if there is a God? Why doesn't he do something about it? Where is he?

I just buried my mom and my brother and my dad last year through violence and a massacre to our village.

Where is God?

Signed: Hopeless in Africa

Dear Hopeless:

If I could bring back your mother and father and brother, I would, but I cannot! But there is one who can and will and shall bring them back, and that is the GOD you so violently accuse for the sins of men. How is GOD to blame for the atrocities that men do? the murders men commit? the mutilations? the crimes? the evils? the wickedness? How is GOD to blame for any of these things?

When your mother and father told you not to do a thing or many things, did you do them anyway? And when they told you to do certain things, did you do them? Why not? and why? Why did you do what your parents said not to do and not do the things they said to do? Because of hatred. And because of rebellion. And because you simply wanted your freedom from authority. We all do. None of us want to be under any kind of authority, none of us! We learn as little children quickly the words, "No! I won't. You can't make me!"

And so GOD from the beginning has always said, do and do not, but people will not do and people will do what they please, for does not God love us all no matter what, they say? And so, what we now see in the world is generation after generation of hatred building up in men, it exploding upon the world in violence and wars, bloodshed and raping, and murdering and atrocities that stagger our imaginations.

Because things are the way they are is all the more reason we need to look at what is beyond this life. As you laid your family in the ground and buried them in death, and what seemed like the finality that is there in that ground as their spirits have left those bodies of pain and suffering, it ought to make you want to see them again and again and again and want to forever be in a land where there is not all this hatred and death and bloodshed and war.


You cannot change men, for Golgotha did not change the world, although it changed the hearts of some, and is changing the hearts of some, and will continue to save and change all those who cry out to the LORD to be saved. That is His promise of life!

Jesus dying for the sins of the world did not do away with sin, nor change the world for the better, and in fact when Jesus was here before men slayed Him on the cross, He said, When I come again will there be anyone who believes in Me? anyone who loves me? loves my Father? loves righteousness? loves men? loves the world? Will there be even one was the cry of His own heart!

The scriptures say that because we killed the Son of GOD on Golgotha, men would become more wicked and more wicked and more wicked with each passing generation until wickedness and violence would fill the world and take the entire world into the judgments of the Almighty. The scriptures say that for all the wrath God pours out upon the world and upon every nation, for all of that it says, they will not repent, simply will not. So not only is the world subjected to all the hatreds and violences of men, because men reject their only salvation from their sins, Christ Jesus, but we are all subjected to all the wraths of God written in the scriptures in Revelation. So we wait for our LORD GOD to send once again His Holy Son into the world to deliver it and us from our sins, from our enemies, forgiving us our sins and granting us immortality and eternal life. For when famines come, they come on the children of GOD as well as those who are not. And when the floods come, they come upon the chidren of GOD as well as those who are not. So till an appointed time the children of GOD suffer right along with those who are not believers.

In Revelation it says, He shall take away all pain, all sickness, all death, all disease, and shall wipe every tear from our eyes, and it says another thing, all our dead loved ones we shall see again. So it is this hope in GOD that I want to plant in your heart in your terrible suffering.

Peace and healing will come into your heart when your forgive both GOD and man for what is, and then abide in that peace and hope in Christ Jesus as we await His coming and appearing in the earth. Many shall die waiting but many shall live till His appearing, believing, waiting, watching, praying, forgiving, and abiding on the vine of life, Christ Jesus. He said He would come back for His own, and He shall!

No matter what men take from you, they cannot take your eternal life away from you. That is yours. They cannot take it away, even if they slay you! GOD gives life. No man can take it away. No power forever can take away your eternal life that is given to you in Christ Jesus. Rest in that and let peace come to your tormented soul, knowing without a doubt, you shall again hold your loved ones in your arms, and they you, and forever shall you be together because that is what Jesus Christ purchased for you on Golgotha, eternal life! It is yours! Your family rests in that life. Hold them in your heart with love and not pain, with hope and not fear, and with peace and not torment.

For remember this saying that is true. Those that fear dying, die every day they live! We ourselves must release our fears into the hands of Jesus about dying, and as we do, we can also rest our loved ones in those very same hands, and the torment therefore of the grave is done away with for those who wait patiently for eternal life to appear.......

Your forever friend, Martha

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